Apr 30, 2011

yard house

You know what I love? Being pleasantly surpsied by vegetarian options in a seemingly un-veg-friendly place. Last night the boyfriend and I grabbed a late dinner at Yard House. The first time we went there, I was pretty hesitant, because at a first glance, it looks like the kind of place that only has meat meat meat! The menu boasts tons of beers, ribs, and about a dozen giant loaded burgers. Oye.

However, our friendly waiter (who was actually vegetarian too) convinced me to try their meat substitute, and guess what. It's phenomenal! The first time we went, I got the orange "chicken" and last night, and I got the "chicken" strips. Look at it! You'd never guess that's veg-friendly! Even my carnivorous boyfriend had a few bites and said it was pretty good :)
The texture is dead on and it's crispy fried to perfection just like a real chicken strip. The chicken flavor isn't quite there (so says Troy) but being a vegetarian, I don't want to be eating chicken, so I think the flavor is great to boot.

Second time at Yard House, and my second time being seriously happy with my dinner selections. Not just this, but they have an entire section of their menu devoted to this awesome gardein meat substitute, so there's lots of vegetarian options hidden amongst their ribs, burgers, and real meat items. Yard House? Highly recommend.

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