Feb 6, 2011

fried pickles & dip

Even though I know little to nothing about football, the Super Bowl is always a good time. Fun commercials, hanging out with great friends, the Puppy Bowl is on Animal planet, and most importantly,there's always binge eating tasty finger foods all day. Usually beer is on this list as well, but due to this morning's hangover, alcohol was substituted for Mountain Dew:)

Today's menu items included fried pickles and six layer dip. We got both the recipes from Food Network, and let me tell you, everything was delicious. Granted, I ate way too much, and now my stomach hurts, but it was so worth it.
It's also nice to know that there are great sporting event foods out there that are vegetarian. Wings and hotdogs are great and all, but have a couple fried pickles with ranch, and you won't even miss the meat.

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